Over 60 years of Experience
Frank Haim & Sons
Frank Haim & Sons Metal Industries LTD are well known for their professional experience in their industrial field. The company was established in the beginning of the forties and today the company is a leader of the metal industry field in Israel. The company can cope with complicated engineering challenges and with a wide range of technologies and disciplines.

We always look to the future and well aware of new technologies and demands. That is why our metalworking department is getting our full attention..

Our framework department is the foundation stone of our company and the most important stage when producing accurate structures and devices..

Our Mechanical construction department is responsible for the synergy of our products. Our professional and well experienced team can assemble..

This department is responsible of the look and appearance of our products. We use a large and modern pain room that works under all restricted..


Support carriage for production

Support carriage for production with accurate harness points

Pneumatic release device

A pneumatic release device with protection mechanism

A Base for a cylindrical body

An aluminum device build form welded profiles to the base with half ...

An experimental concrete igloo

A portable, moveable igloo used for experiments. Built with a concrete ...

High Pressure experiment device

his device is built from several main structures: The base, a static ...

A Maritime Stand Point

This project was accepted by us for a full process from planning ...
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