We always look to the future and well aware of new technologies and demands. That is why our metalworking department is getting our full attention in the last years and that is also why this department is always under constant growth. Our metalworking department enjoys the most modern and innovative machines in the country.

Machine Programming: CAD Software Solid-CAM 2019

Milling: Conventional Milling, Computerized Milling HORIZONTAL BORING with capabilities of up to x=4000 to y=200 by mounting and a maximum weight of 15 tons.

Lathe: Conventional Turnery lathe and Milling lathe with capabilities of L=4000 MM D=1000 MM with a maximum weight of 6 tons.

With full control in these fields, we gain all the variant metal processing possibilities for all sizes, part types & constructions. We make sure that all processes will be inspected so we can guarantee the best quality products for our clients demands.

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